Retired California Game Warden

Game Warden Stories and More!!!

If you enjoy books about Game Wardens, Fish & Wildlife Agents, Park Rangers or books by game wardens or even books by fish and wildlife forensics scientists, check out the following links.



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Misc Authors
Game Warden Stories
Joe Albert
Outdoor Writer in Minnesota
Nevada Barr
Stories about Ranger Anna Pigeon
CJ Box
Stories about Warden Joe Pickett
Steve Callan
Retired Lt. California DFG
His book comes out March 1, but you can pre-order it now on Amazon.
John Ford, Sr.
Retired Maine Game Warden
Ken Goddard
Scientist @ USFWS Forensics Lab
Terry Grosz
Retired USFWS (was CA DFG)
Terry Hodges
Retired Lt. California DFG
Steve Reynolds
Retired AZ & AK Warden
Kirk Russell
Great stories about our SOU
Townsend Twainhart
Retired DFG Warden Chris Wright
Retired DFG Inspector

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