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California Wildlife Officers Foundation

The California Wildlife Officers Foundation, previously know as the California Game Wardens Foundation.

Do you know who they are or what this group as done for our wardens and their families?

If you don’t, the let me tell you a little about them. The California Wildlife Officers Foundation (CalWOF) was created in 2007 to bring together community and financial support for Game Wardens and their families, especially in times of need. The California Wildlife Officers Foundation was founded and is supported entirely by private citizens, including some retired game wardens, who, like you, recognize the value of our wild resources. Of course I know this to be true since I, Jack Edwards, Retired Deputy Chief of Patrol, have been on the board of directors since the organization was founded. Although I stepped down from the board after about 10 years of service, they have two other retired wardens on the board; Ryan Broddrick and Nancy Foley.

Their goal was to create an organization that could unite varied interest groups, from outdoorsmen and women to environmental organizations and the public at large, to ask everyone who appreciates California’s outdoor resources and wildlife, to support our Game Wardens and the critical work they do. In early 2008, CalWOF reached its first fundraising goal of $1 million enabling it to award its first $13,000 in scholarships to 12 children and spouses of Game Wardens in August of that year. 

The Foundation accomplishes its mission by providing grants in three specific areas:

1. Financial Assistance: Grants may be used to augment health benefits and provide aid to families of Game Wardens who are injured or fall in the line of duty. (Since the inception of the California Department of Fish and Wildlife in 1871, fifteen Game Wardens have lost their lives while protecting our state’s natural  resources.) 

2. Scholarships: Wardens and their family members may apply for financial assistance toward college (undergraduate and graduate) degrees and other continuing education programs.

3. Investigative and Research Support: Foundation funds may assist wardens in conducting studies and obtaining equipment or other resources (not available in their annual budget with the state) necessary for protecting wildlife and the environment.

During the course of a prior year, the Foundation awarded $16,000 in Scholarships, $2,500 in emergency medical, and $8,000 in special training and grants. Since their inception in 2007, they have been able to support the Wardens with over $185,000 in assistance.

To assist the Foundation in continuing its support of Game Wardens, it received a $1,800,000 challenge grant from a family who wishes to remain anonymous. The donor is willing to give the Foundation a doller for each dollar the Foundation raises, up to a total of $1.8 million dollars. If the Foundation can raise the full $1.8 million, it will create a base fund of $5,000.000 that will allow them to use only the interest each year to support our game wardens.

My challenge to you, my fellow retired wardens, is to support those who have taken up where we left off to maintain The Thin Green Line and to make a donation to the Foundation. Click on the link below and go to their donation page. Donate what you can so that the Foundation can continue to support our brothers and sisters who are on the front lines to protect our wonderful wildlife resources.

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3 thoughts on “California Wildlife Officers Foundation

  1. Ryan Broddrick

    Jack, thanks for following, serving on Board. We are now past $5 m. Sept 28, 2017 CALWOF undertook first educational outreach event for broader public at sporting clays event which was all about interaction with LED. As always people made the difference. I realized that Wardens in attendance could have been my children our even grandchildren, so while feeling the years, I also felt comfort and great pride that the thin green tree keeps reaching to the sun. So all retired LAE officers should be proud. Wether you feel like tap root, trunk, or leaf compost your legacy made a difference. Thanks for your service. Blessings to you and yours and be safe.

  2. Dan Beck

    My 19 year old son Garrett, is interested in applying for a scholarship for Aviation career / education. How can I get him an application?
    Thank you,

    Game Warden
    Dan Beck
    Yreka/Siskiyou County

    1. JackEdwards

      Dan: You reached the retired California Warden website. Save the link for when you retire. But to answer your question, you need to contact the California Wildlife Officers Foundation.


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