Retired California Game Warden


Photos from the Warden BBQ at Tyler Young’s Ranch on May 20, 20172017TylersRanchPhoto

L-R: Tyler Young, Jack Edwards, Bob Orange Jr., Don Miller, Terry Hodges, Frank Russell, Doug Buchanan, Steve Arrison, John Ortman, Steve Ortman.


Sandy Grady, Patty Miller, Bridgett Russell, Ellie Young, Coleen Arrison


Warden Will Bishop heard a single shot in Tehama Refuge the night before while bedded down in his truck on a mountain on south side of the canyon. Caught them coming out at Deer Creek on Ponderosa Way the next morning. Car salesman from Corning and friend and their wives in cab-over camper. Photo by Reserve Warden Bill D’Amato.


The shooter claimed self-defense. The DA bought it. That is irritating, but that is how it goes some times. Photo of Warden Will Bishop.


Will Bishop on the way to the freezer at Feather River Hatchery. This was a squad effort plus some reserves. Photo by Reserve Game Warden Bill D’Amato.

Spike and doe shot at night on Del Puerto Canyon Road, Stanislaus County by two MMA late summer 1974. Rancher called Will in Patterson who had just gotten out of shower. Will caught them at a cattle guard in the canyon a few minutes later. Booked in Modesto. Photo by Will Bishop

Spike and doe shot at night on Del Puerto Canyon Road, Stanislaus County by two MMA late summer 1974. Rancher called Will in Patterson who had just gotten out of shower. Will caught them at a cattle guard in the canyon a few minutes later. Booked in Modesto. Photo by Will Bishop


Do you recognize the warden getting the Lifesaving Award from the Chief back in June 2004? She is an Lt. and still working but he is retired and that is a photo of him below as a kid.

Who remembers these two? The one on the left was a headquarters warden who later retired from the USFWS. The one on the right ended up being the Chief of Patrol.
Retirees at Tyler’s Annual Reunion in May 2015.
Back L-R: Herb Janney, Steve Arrison, Tyler Young, Tom Stone (biologist),
Middle Row: Doug Buchanan, Mike Matirko, Mike Buelna, Gil Berg, Ron Perrault,Jim (Friend of Tyler’s) Front L-R: Will Bishop, Walt Mansel, Morgan Aiken, Jack Edwards
The Wives who put up with us at Tyler’s Annual Reunion in May 2015:
L-R — Karen Bishop, Tracey Edwards, Margaret Akin, Marcia Buchanan, Ellie Young, Jim’s wife, Marci Mansel, Gyda Buelna, Colleen Arrison, Jackie Berg
Walt & Marci Mansel
 Will Bishop, Tom Stone & Mike Matirko
Doug Buchanan, Ron Perrault, Gil Berg
Karen Bishop & Jackie Berg
Gyda Buelna & Karen Bishop
Mike Buelna
Karen Bishop, Jackie & Gil Berg
Ron Perrault & Herb Janney
 Morgan & Margaret Akin and Tracey Edwards
North Coast District Supervisors at Annual Training Meeting at Fort Ross in 2011
Back Row: Lt Jon Willcox, Lt. Paul Gaske, Lt. Dennis McKiver, Capt Wayne Kidwell
Middle Row: Lt. Loren Freeman, Lt. Sheree Christensen, Capt Steve Riske, Lt. Todd Ajari,
Lt. Bob Farrell, Lt. Andy roberts, Lt. John Nores, Lt. Steve White
Front Row: Capt Don Kelly, Lt. Dan Andreen, AC Doug Huckins, Lt. Mark Crossland,
Lt. Todd Tognazzini, Lt. James Kasper (Absent is Lt. Bob Puccinelli)
Here is a photo of warden class of 1959 from Hank Hoover. Can you name them???
Back  L-R: Jim Holven, Paul Baron, Rod Shackleford, Bill Waters,
Hank Hoover, Wayne Caldwell.
Middle  L-R: Ken Cooper, Luther Young, Gary Straight, Ray Koenig,
Jerry Putner, Leighton McLaughlin.
Front Row, L-R: Unk, Capt George Werdor, Ray Skosko, Capt Bernie Faist, Larry Wogoman.


Here is a photo of a group of retired wardens at a pistol shoot at Spenceville in 2012.

Back Row, L-R: Bill Bakker, Wayne Caldwell, Mike Macias, Bob Rufenacht, Larry Parkison
Front Row, L-R: Bob Morgan, Doug Fowler, Ron Perrault, Wade Johnston

1950- check my deer

Here is a photo from a rancher family in the Williams area, which is where the picture
allegedly originated. Anybody out there recognize the Wardens. According to the
message that I have received from Gil Berg, the warden on the left in the dark shirt is Ed Hughes and the warden on the right is Gene Durney.


Here is a photo of the Sponsored Wardens in the Riverside Sheriff’s Academy Class of 1977.
L-R: Danny Moraga, Glenn Smith, Jack Edwards, Steve Morse, Tom Jackson, Roger Reese,
Al Baca, Thom Belt


Here is a photo of the Class of 1966.
Back Row, L-R: Buck Del Nero, Harry Cochran, Bob Prosser, Terry Groz,
Chuck Koons, Duncan Snell
Middle Row, L-R: Mike Macias, John Colby, Capt. Hal Mefford, Warren Duke,
Jim Dixon, Bob Rufenacht
Front Row, L-R: Bob Hawks, Ken Bain, Jay Harris, Stan DeSilva


Here is a photo of a few wardens taken in 1958.
Back Row, L-R: Hal Mefford, Bob Hudson, Joe Peelen, Vern Burandt,
Dick English and Bob Ekwall.
Front Row, L-R: Gene Kellogg, Dory Clanton, Glenn Cochran, Dick Laursen.


Here is a photo of the DFG Brass in the late 1960s. Back Row, L-R: Hilton Bergstrom,
Charlie Fullerton, Ellis Berry, Les Lahr, Kenneth Hooker, Bernie Faist
Front Row, L-R: Ned Dollahite, Carrol Faist, Dory Clanton, Don Davison, Jim McCormick

How about this spiffy fellow who is showing off our new uniform, at least it was new
back in the 1950’s. If you guessed Charlie Fullerton, you are correct.


Well guys, here are some more photos that you need to review and verify.
What do you think? Photo, circa 1956 (* = confident of person & name):
Standing L/R – Bob Fraser, Bill Auman*, Del Baxter* (tall guy in way back), Clint Spots* (short guy in dark pants), Jim Wofford, Ned Dollahite*, C. Bryceson?
Sitting L/R: Harry Shot*, Bob Lucas, Don Chipman* (Capt. in Yreka).


1968 at Horse Meadow on way to Huckleberry Lake Ned Dollahite, Bernie Faist, Carl
McCammon, Bill Auman, Bill Richardson, Charlie Kaenig, and Don Davison



December 1962 Warden Training Class at the Sacramento Inn. Capt Bill Auman Training Officer. Thanks to Phil Nelms for the photo.


Photo from 1989 AOT. Thanks to John Suchil for the photo.


Region 5 Supervisors Conference @ Lake Arrowhead.
Standing, left to right : Ron Hess, Roland Takayama, Tim Sawyer, John Colby, Ken Maehler,
John Suchil, Don Wilkins, Rod Shackleford, Gene Martin, Mike Wolter, Reed Smith,
Eric Sterbinsky, Bill Powell, Roger Reese, Al Stegal, Chris Patin, Mark Caywood.
Squating, left to right: Ron Sharrah, Gordan Cribbs, Mike McBride, Lisa Cole, Ken  Brown
Thanks to John Suchil for the photo.


Retirement celebration for Jorge Gross & Dave Brown. Left to Right; Cindy Wood, Dave Brown, Jorge Gross, Jorge Paz, Santos Cabral & John Castro (Photos provided by John Suchil)


Retirement celebration for Jorge Gross & Dave Brown. Left to Right; Dave Brown,  Jorge Gross, Jorge Paz, Santos Cabral
& John Suchil (Photos provided by John Suchil)


This was the Auburn Captain’s District in the 1960’s. Taken at a pistol shoot the wardens are L-R:
Warden Bill Hart/So. Lake Tahoe. Warden Ernie Skinner/Sutter Creek. Warden Kurt Kastner/Georgetown. Warden Artie Brown/Markleeville. Warden Ed Johnson/Placerville.
Warden Wayne Caldwell/Auburn. Warden Ray Nilsson/Foresthill.



1980 AOT


Doug Messer and his sidekick, Moose — Photos from Fay & Doug Messer


Doug Messer at NAWEOA Conference — Photos from Fay & Doug Messer


Doug & Fay Messer with Pennsylvania Wardens at NAWEOA– Photos from Fay & Doug Messer



Wardens at Tyler’s Ranch for Annual BBQ 2009
Back Row: Mike Wolter, Denny Young, Mike Buelna, Larry Bruckenstein, Bob Orange Jr.,
Warren Allsup, Doug Fowler,Tyler Young, Steve Milovich
Front Row: DeWayne Johnston, Wayne Klein, Jack Edwards, Del Huff,
Mike Matirko, unknown, Warren Duke


Wardens Wive’s at Tyler’s Ranch for Annual BBQ 2009
Back Row: Sharon Wolter, Judy Young, Cathy Fowler, —, Pattie Young
Front Row: Llanda Johnston, Tracey Edwards, Gyda Buelna, Roberta Duke


Wardens at Tyler’s Ranch for Annual BBQ 2008
Back Row: Wayne Klein, Bob Orange Jr., Jack Edwards, Denny Young, Tyler Young, Steve Milovich
Front Row:  Doug Fowler, Mike Buelna, Mike Matirko, Del Huff, Warren Duke, Walt Mansel



Warden’s Wives at Tyler’s Ranch for Annual BBQ 2007
Roberta Duke, Ann Bonesio, Tracey Edwards, Gyda Buelna,
Lynn Hawks, Patty Young, Cathy Fowler


Wardens at Tyler’s Ranch for Annual BBQ 2007
Back Row: Bob Hawks, Jeremy Bonesio, Mike Matirko, Warren Duke, Tyler Young, Doug Fowler
Front Row: Del Huff, Jack Edwards, Charlie Fullerton, Mike Buelna, Warren Allsup

Rod Shakleford


Gambier Bay, Alaska, June 2005. Crew was Capt. Dave Fox, wife Cathie, son Thad.

Skipper was retired Capt. Dennis Davenport with his wife Robin and daughter, Rosie.
This was a 6 day cruise from Juneau to Petersburg and back.
Lots of Humpback whales,  Dall’s porpoises, Bald Eagles.


Bruce Cochran and his deer. Photo received April 2007


Jim Steele, Jack Edwards &  DeWayne Johnston at 2004 DFG Picnic and Softball Tournament


Retired Lieutenants Bob Hawks, Gil Berg (80 yrs.young!) and Gary Hawks (Retired CDF Capt.) packing float tubes into  British Columbia Lake for another great day of fly fishing.
Photo by Steve Conger, June,2005.

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  1. Jack Campbell

    My dad was a game warden, Lawson “Pat” Campbell. He became a game warden in 1960 and retired as a Patrol Lieutenant in 1984. At a retired law enforcement club luncheon here in Sandpoint, Idaho one of our members is retired warden Bruce Cochran. I recently gave him several pictures from my dad’s era. In a couple of those pictures you will see Rod Shakleford and I notice that his picture is on several of your web pages. If he is still around could I get his email address. He was around the house a lot when I was a teen. Thanks, Jack Campbell.

    1. JackEdwards Post author

      Jack: Rod’s contact info is on the “Phones” page. I will also send you the info via email. Any pictures you can scan and share would be very much appreciated.


  2. Sarah Pacatte

    My step father, James Wolford was a warden in Lassen County California. He lived in WestWood.
    Jim was a kind man. Before he and my Mom married, YEARS before, he busted my brothers fishing illegally, mostly on Hamilton Branch..
    I would really like to get in touch with his ‘daughter’. It is of extreme importance.
    This being said, my oldest Son is now a California Fish and Wildlife officer
    Sarah Pacatte
    562 377 4211

  3. Rebecca Graves

    Vern Burandt was my husbands grandfather. I would love any information or pictures anyone can share. I would be happy to look for more pics at home to share with you as well. Great website!

    1. JackEdwards Post author

      Rebecca: I don’t have any photos or info other what what I have already posted on my website. You may want to check in with the Bishop office. They may have some photos in their collection.

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