Retired California Game Warden


 If you wish to contact a fellow retired warden,
please give me a call or shoot me an email.

Ernie Acosta
Morgan Akin
Nick Albert
Bob Aldrich
Pinky Allsup
John Baker
Dennis Baldwin
Ken Ball
Wendell Barnes
Jim Beckwith
Tom Belt
Ray Benson
Gil Berg
Dave Bezzone
Will Bishop
Joe Brana
Drew Brandy
Ryan Broddrick
Larry Bruckenstein
Doug Buchanan
Mike Buelna
Jake Bushey
Hugh Buttrum
Steve Callan
Mark Caywood
Bill Childs
Richard Clack
Rennie Cleland
Bruce Cochran
Fred Cole
Jerry Collins
Nancy Collins
Gary Combs
Steve Conger
Craig Cooper
Andy Cortez
Bill Cox
Warren Crooker
Steve Darr
Dennis Davenport
Donna Davis
John Dawson
Dennis DeAnda
Ed DeGraffenreid
Lorraine Doyle
Warren Duke
Jon Dunn
Frank Dutra
John Dymek
Jack A Edwards
Rich Elliott
John Ewald
John Fallan
Daniel Fehr
Dana Finney
Louise Fiorillo
Rob Floerke
Nancy Foley
John Foster
Doug Fowler
Dave Fox
Dan Franck
Dick Fredericks
Phil Gaskins
Joe Gonzales
Mike Gillum
Mike Grima
Jorge Gross
Paul Hamdorf
Ron Harrison
Marty Hauan
Bob Hawks
Mitch Hawthorne
Mervin Hee
Larry Heitz
Mike Herlache
Dean Hileman
Gary Hobgood
Terry Hodges
Dan Hoggard
Doug Huckins
Jerry Irwin
Tom Jackson
Charlie Jensen
Carl Jochums
Kevin Joe
Greg Johnson
Dewayne Johnston
Wade Johnston
Helen Kevo Mufley
Rob Kilbourne
Bob Kucera
Ron Lang
Dan Laughlin
John Laughlin
Dick Laursen
Art Lawrence
Penelope Liotta
Tom Lipp
Chris Long
Keith Long
Chuck Lovenguth
Mark Lucero
Chuck Konvalin
Mike Macias
Ken Maehler
Bob Mahon
Walt Mansel
Jerry Marquette
Marty Martindale
Gene Martin
Al Mathews
Mike Matirko
Karen Maurer
Mike McBride
Rusty McBride
Al McDermott
Bill McFarland
Dennis McKiver
Steve Milovich
Lou Morgan
Steve Morse
Ed Nagel
Phil Nelms
Ken Nilsson
Stu Oliver
Bob Orange Jr
Greg Orr
Dick Padgett
Chris Patin
John Peabody
Joe Pecsi
Ron Perrault
Bob Prosser
Jim Randall
Angel Raton
Roger Reese
Don Richardson
Roger Richardson
Tom Riley
Andy Roberts
Rob Roberts
Frank Russell
Mike Sadleir
Bruce Sanford
Carol Sassie
Tim Sawyer
Dan Sforza
Rod Shakelford
Ron Sharrah
Rod Simon
John Slaughter
Dave Smith
Glenn Smith
Marty Smith
Jim Solis
Jerry Spansail
Frank Spear
Tom Stenson
Eric Sterbinsky
Mike Stone
Don Stuckey
Ron Stukey
Dave Szody
Roland Takayama
Gayland Taylor
Ken Taylor
Bob Turner
Mike Wade
Rick Wheeler
Don Wilkins
Mark Windham
Jim White
Dale Wong
Pat Woods
Ken Woolsey
Miles Young
Tyler Young

If you prefer to call, call me at 916-240-9302

7 thoughts on “Roster

  1. Robert Farrell

    Hey Jack,

    When you get back from your road trip please add me to your roster. My official date is 9/1/2015.

    Retired from CA but not as a game warden. I took a job for HI. I’m stationed on the big island.



    1. JackEdwards

      Bob: Back from vacation. I will update the info, but will still think of you as a retired warden even though you left us for that mountain top in the Pacific.

  2. CARL Jochums

    Hi Jack.

    I Really appreciate all that you have done on the website. It seems to me you are always improving it. Cruising it brings back lots of memories. It is very strange; I often, almost nightly, have game warden dreams. I don’t have anything similar for my other DFG roles or for that matter much of anything. I guess this would be interesting fodder for a dream-ologist.

    I am looking for phone number for Jim Wictum. I have tried two numbers, one of which I got recently from Terry Hodges, but they don’t go through. Terry told me he had moved from Cool down to Vacaville. I’d appreciate any help you may be able to give.

    One more thought, if you know someone has passed, is there a place on this site where that can be found?

    Thanks so much,


    P.S. I am not hiding from anybody, so you may freely release my phone numbers, should any inquire. (I am not holding my breath.)
    hm 541-745-3076
    cell 707-322-6682

  3. Donavan Rice

    I would like to get in touch with Tom Stenson. I am a retired CHP officer out of the Indio area and was good friends with Tom. I had his personal phone number but the last time I tried to call the number it was no longer in service. I was at his retirement dinner and had stopped several times at his home in Bakersfield on my way up to Northern California. I just want to get in touch with him and see how he is doing. He can call me at my house number 760-342-2426 or cell 760-625-4344. Any assistance in this matter will be most appreciated and thank you.


    Donavan Rice Ret. CHP ID#9694

  4. Joe Footdale

    Hey Jack,

    If you ever talk to Louise Fiorillo, tell her her old academy buddy says hello. Thanks!

    Joe Footdale
    Lakewood, CA

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