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Chief of Patrol

Who is the Chief of Patrol?

To understand that title, we have to go back in time and review the history of the Department, especially since the Department is not the same as the Commission in today’s operating structure.

The Chief of Patrol for the Department of Fish and Game, or the Department of Fish and Wildlife as it is now known, is the head of the law enforcement unit.

Prior to the creation of the Department of Fish and Game, there was the Division of Fish and Game and prior to that was the Patrol Bureau and prior to that was the Board of Fish Commissioners.

First use of the title “Chief” is on page 13 in the Commission biennial report for 1885 – 1886. It is applied to W.C. Jones as Chief of the patrol force which was inaugurated by the Commission in August of 1883. In their previous Biennial Report (’83 – ’84) regarding Jones’ his title is “Deputy Commissioner”.

So, our current Chief of Patrol, was originally the Deputy Commissioner.

Under the authority of the Board of Fish Commissioners, the law enforcement program was headed by a Chief Deputy Commissioner.

1883 — 1886: W.C. Jones
1887 — 1888: J.H. Harten
1888 — 1891: J.W. Willage
1891 — 1892: Thomas Tunstead
1892 – 1901: John P. Babcock
1901 – 1910: Charles A Vogelsang
1910 – 1911: John P. Babcock

November 1911 Position of Chief Deputy title was eliminated and replaced by the Executive Officer of the Commission. That name title was later changed to Executive Secretary which is a classification still used by the Fish and Game Commission to this day.

It was filled by Ernest Schaeffle who was the Assistant Deputy Commissioner under John P. Babcock, the existing Chief Deputy. The records search so far show Ernest Schaeffle in the position through at least 1916. (I do not have the 1916-1918 report from the commission to determine if Ernest Schaeffle was replaced in 1916 or 1918 at this time.)

1911 – 1918: Ernest Schaeffle, Executive Officer

1918 – 1920: Carl Westerfield, Executive Officer


1920 – 1922: Charles A Vogelsang, Executive Officer
1922 –1925 : George Neale, Executive Officer

1925 – 1926: B.D. Marx Greene, Executive Officer

In January 1926, the Commission embarked on a complete reorganization, creating a Patrol Department. The current executive officer and attorney, B.D. Marx Greene continued as the executive officer of the Commission after the re-organization and Deputy Commissioner J.S. Hunter was designated as the new Chief of Patrol over the Patrol Department. A new Executive Officer, Eugene D. Bennett replaced Marx Greene in December 1927.

1926 – 1927: J.S. Hunter, Chief of Patrol


The Legislature authorized a more complete reorganization in 1927. The Department of Natural Resources was created and the Division of Fish and Game was created within that Department, but the Fish and Game Commission, a separate entity, still had oversight over the Division of Fish and Game. Within the Division of Fish and Game, the old Patrol Department from the Commission, became the  Bureau of Patrol.

That reorganization was completed in October 1927 and J.S. Hunter moved to a different Department and K.P. Alred was appointed to be the new Chief of Patrol over the newly created Patrol Bureau.

1927 – 1929: K.P. Allred
1929 – 1942: E.L. Macaulay
1942 – 1951: LaRue F. Chappell (Acting Chief while E.L. Macaulay was in military service.)
1951 – 1955: E.L. Macaulay
1955 – 1964: Robert D.Montgomery
1964 – 1969: Charles E. Fullerton
1969 – 1978 Bernard Faist
1978 – 1983: Ned Dollahite
1983 – 1984: Charles E. Fullerton(Returned to Chief for 6 months after Gov George Deukjejian selected a new Diretor in 1983. He retired and went to NMFS.)
1984 – 1998: Dewayne Johnston
1998 – 2001: Richard Elliot
2001 – 2003: Greg Laret
2003 – 2004 Tom Pedersen
2005 – 2012 Nancy Foley
2012 – 2014 Mike Carion
2014 – David Bess



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