Retired California Game Warden

The Line of Duty

California’s Game Wardens
Killed or Wounded/Assaulted
In The Line of Duty

The Thin Green Linegreenline

Names in Red were killed; Names in Black were Wounded/Assaulted
I apologize for the limited info for some entries as we are still working on the research.

Bert Blanchard 2/2/13 Clarence L. Brown, 4/3/59
John Galloway 3/10/13

Russell M. Bushey, Jr, 7/1/69

Ernest Raynaud and M.S. Clark 4/16/13

Paul S. Smith, 12/19/70

Frank Cady and Joseph Nelligan 4/26/13 Jean K. Jones, Jr. 5/14/79
George Rodolph 11/24/14 Leon H Nelson, 10/27/79
Raymond B. Heacock and Richard Squire 12/12/16

Lt. Robert Flynt 5/11/84

James White 10/17/23

Lt. Roy Reed 6/7/84

Henry J. Abels 8/21/25 Greg Cook 1/11/92
John O’Connell 6/27

Kyle Kroll 8/5/2005

Frank Machado 6/10/28

Bob Pera 2/2014

George Thompson 9/7/28
Alan G. Curry and John “Jack” Burke 4/30/30


Walter R. Krukow 4/20/47


K.Karl Lund 6/14/48


Capt. Arthur Stager 10/28/48


Capt. Fred W. Hecker, 1/20/50

 **Does anyone have any info on any other wardens
who were killed or injured in the line of duty? 

Read About the Bloodiest Year
in California Warden History


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