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CCW – HR 218 Related Info from Leonard Blissenbach

Just a couple of updates HR 218 related:
I would suggest that anyone that carries concealed whether or not HR 218 related, join retired PORAC, $2.00 per month CALPERS deductible. You get the monthly magazine but more importantly you have the opportunity to get firearm insurance for $48.00 a year. For this you get an attorney for either criminal or civil action taken against you if you have to use your firearm anywhere in the USA. See PORAC  (retired) web site for more info.
September PORAC Magazine has a great article regarding HR218. Link to a web site that provides current info.-DVD/printed text.–
example —- some states limit the size of the magazine allowed to ten rounds, examples:  Calif, Hawaii, New York, Massachusetts and Washington DC.  HR 218 does not supersede this regulation.
 Not to belabor the point it appears that Calif. grandfathers most of us if we had high capacity magazines prior to that date of the PC change, other states may do this but not for nonresidents. So a ten round magazine may be a prudent choice.
Thanks again for keeping the info coming.

One thought on “CCW – HR 218 Related Info from Leonard Blissenbach

  1. Dennis Davenport

    Thanks for the info Leonard, I’m going to look into joining PORAC for the firearms insurance/legal representation.

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