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“Thin Green Line”
Legislation that may affect you!


If you want to look up pending legislation, click here.

greenlineCalPERS to disclose retiree pensions on website

greenlineBlair Holt Gun Control Act
The idiots in Washington want to take our guns again; but I think this bill is going
nowhere!!!  Link #1 Link #2 Link #3 

greenlineConceal Carry Permit Issue Clean up legislation passed on October 2010
& signed by the President.

Click here for more follow-up to Leonard’s Email regarding HR-218

greenlineFresno Superior Court Challenges AB 962
Thanks to Ken Woolsey for sending in info about AB 962 that will require face-to-face
purchase of ammo. No longer will you be able to order online and have it shipped to your
home.  Click here for text of bill.

greenlineF&G § 1006 and § 2012

Great news for our wardens. The California Supreme Court has upheld a warden’s
inspection authority under both F&G § 1006 and § 2012 in a recent unanimous decision in
the case of People v. Maikhio. The case holds that a warden is authorized to stop vehicles
whose occupant is or has been recently fishing or hunting and to demand the person
display all fish and game the person has caught or taken even if the warden is not aware
of facts that give rise to a reasonable suspicion that the angler or hunter has violated a fish
and game statute. He need only have knowledge that the person has engaged in the
activity and that the stop be made close in time and location to where the activity occurred.
In this case, the stop was made three blocks from the San Diego pier on which Warden
Erik Fleet had observed the defendant hand lining.

The opinion can be read at:

greenlineDid you put money into a 401 or 457 and move it to a Roth.
Have you calculated the payout over your retirement years?
Check out this calculator on the Planning Page.


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