Retired California Game Warden

Excerpt from Badges, Bears and Eagles, by Steven T. Callan

Chapter 14, “Gill Netters”

“I’ve been watching you for the last hour. You’re both under arrest.”
Upon being advised that he was under arrest, Tucker jumped to his feet, dove in the river and began swimming toward the other side. Vinuchi ran off in the opposite direction.
With the ambient air temperature in the thirties and the water not much warmer, Tucker’s stunt took the young warden completely by surprise. Determined to prevent Tucker’s escape, Warden (Nick) Albert threw all caution aside, dropped his radio on the beach and dove in after him—in full uniform, including gun belt, boots and jacket. He caught up with Tucker about a third of the way across the river. Already tiring, Tucker grabbed at Albert, trying to climb on his back…

More exciting excerpts to come.  Badges, Bears and Eagles, published by Coffeetown Press, Seattle, WA,  will be out on March 1, but is available for preorder now on  You can find out all about the book by going to


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