Retired California Game Warden

Excerpt from Badges, Bears and Eagles, by Steven T. Callan

 Chapter 2, “Desert Rats”   

Just out of the academy and rarin’ to go, I arrived in Earp just before Thanksgiving.  The first order of business was meeting my new supervisor, Captain James A. Reynolds.  Captain Reynolds lived in Blythe, which bordered the Colorado River and was located about fifty miles downstream from my new patrol district in Earp.  Reynolds’s entire Fish and Game career had been spent in the desert, with the exception of a short stint in Ventura.  Jim immediately revealed his passion for his beloved desert: “Years from now,” Reynolds said, “after you’ve transferred to someplace up north, you’ll look back on the time you spent here in the desert as the best years of your career.”  He went on to describe the Colorado River as a jewel in the desert, teeming with fish and wildlife.  You never had any doubt about what was on Jim Reynolds’s mind; he would tell you in no uncertain terms.

Badges, Bears and Eagles will be released on March 1, but can be pre-ordered now, on Amazon.


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  1. Steve Callan Post author

    Thanks so much, Jack. Barnes and Noble now has kindle versions and will be able to take paperback orders soon. Amazon has caught up and will be sending out pre-ordered paperback copies soon. They also have kindle versions now.


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