Retired California Game Warden

Sharing California Game Warden History and Photos

Most of the people viewing and contributing to this blog are retired California Game Wardens. One of the things that we lose when these wardens retire is the collective wisdom, and another thing that is lost is their connection to the history of the game wardens in California.

One of the goals of this blog would be to give fellow retirees a place to share history and to post their photos.

Retired Captain Phil Nelms has been working to gather more documentation on the history of Game Wardens in CA.  He has been able to accumulate a bit in HQ, but  there is much much more “out there” in boxes stored in garages, attics, rent-a-spaces that is going to be lost forever if we don’t make an effort to recover it now. 

So, if you have any of that “history” please consider sharing it so that it won’t be forgotten. 

Feel free to post your personal history as well.


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