Retired California Game Warden

The Line of Duty

California’s Game Wardens
Killed or Wounded/Assaulted
In The Line of Duty

The Thin Green Line
Names in Red were killed; Names in Black were Wounded/Assaulted
I apologize for the limited info for some entries as we are still working on the research.

Bert Blanchard 2/2/13 Clarence L. Brown, 4/3/59
John Galloway 3/10/13

Russell M. Bushey, Jr, 7/1/69

Ernest Raynaud and M.S. Clark 4/16/13

Paul S. Smith, 12/19/70

Frank Cady and Joseph Nelligan 4/26/13 Jean K. Jones, Jr. 5/14/79
George Rodolph 11/24/14 Leon H Nelson, 10/27/79
Raymond B. Heacock and Richard Squire 12/12/16

Lt. Robert Flynt 5/11/84

James White 10/17/23

Lt. Roy Reed 6/7/84

Henry J. Abels 8/21/25 Greg Cook 1/11/92
John O’Connell 6/27

Kyle Kroll 8/5/2005

Frank Machado 6/10/28

Bob Pera 2/2014

George Thompson 9/7/28
Alan G. Curry and John “Jack” Burke 4/30/30


Walter R. Krukow 4/20/47


K.Karl Lund 6/14/48


Capt. Arthur Stager 10/28/48


Capt. Fred W. Hecker, 1/20/50

 **Does anyone have any info on any other wardens
who were killed or injured in the line of duty? 

Read About the Bloodiest Year
in California Warden History


The Thin Green Linegreenline

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